The Tangible Newsletter.

We all know about Investor updates. They’re good and necessary. But what about keeping investor prospects and potential partners in the loop?

We call it the Tangible Newsletter. We started with 30 subscribers.

We send the update to a selection of investors and potential partners we’ve met along the way. The content is fairly candid and we’re quite open with what we share. It’s intended to highlight tangible progress.

Our investors get sms, Messenger and phone calls. They also get the newsletter of course but they already know what’s in it, mainly.

We ship bi-weekly on a Thursday. A simple, cost effective and target driven activity that keeps a deadline in the diary and a focus on progress. It also forces you to look back on what you’ve achieved over a 2 week period.

With our startup, Plane, we cover 4 bases; product, team, growth and financing. We’ll also add interesting and fun stuff if relevant and the chance arises. Include the areas important to your business would be my advice.

I typically spend an hour collating all the info and sending it out using Mailchimp. We use Mailchimp because I love it and it gives an editorial and product feel. Also, the analytics are a pretty powerful way of gauging the interest of the subscribers.

I once had an investor at a party pretending he had no idea what we were working on. But I knew from the stats he’d read the update 5 times, 48hours before attending the party.

The Tangible Newsletter is worth an hour or two of your founder time because:

  1. It creates a routine. Amongst the day-to-day madness of everything it’s good to have some solid deadlines.
  2. It markets your business. Writing the update gets you in the habit of marketing your progress and selling the competency of your operation.
  3. Tone of voice. Setting the tone of how to communicate the personality of your team and product.
  4. Keep prospects in the loop. Very important. From experience it works. I’ve bumped into investors at events who use the update to break the ice and start the conversation.

We started this exercise months before we launched product. Since then, we have added 7 more people and see pretty decent numbers.

Here is an example of our Tangible Newsletter

I hope you found the post useful. If you do similar activity with your startup, I’d love to hear from you and get a conversation going.

At Plane we’re building a social icebreaker app for expats. Currently it’s available exclusively in the Nordics.

Thanks, Tim.

Co Founder and CEO at Plane.


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