The Mourning Brooch of The Romantic Period

The Romantic Period finished in 1861 prompting to what was known as The Grand Period enduring until 1885. With Prince Albert’s passing in 1861 and the American Civil War brought upon the considerable yearning for ‘Mourning Jewellery’. Taking after the passing of the Prince, Queen Elizabeth was for all time in grieving and never observed to wear any apparel or Jewellery that wasn’t dark.

Materials, for example, dark Whit-by Jet ( a specific kind of fossilised wood) got to be distinctly well known as did pieces particularly appointed with the expired adored one’s hair finely and flawlessly woven into the plan/picture itself of the bit of Jewellery. This Mourning Jewellery drift provoked by Queen Victoria started an enormous increment in an industry that was intended to recollect the withdrawn friends and family with a lovely carefully assembled bit of gems. Every diverse sort of pins and rings were planned and made bespoke with dark lacquer in remembrance of friends and family. These pieces were regularly engraved and hence dated with the age and name of the withdrew one. A memento that could be worn everlastingly by the lamenting individual, this loaned a radical new edge to the term; “In Memory Of”

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