. ..LOST__001

Who am I?

Been on this path so long,

Where am I?

Being lost has now become my path.

Drugs and dreams where my favorite things,

Then I had a call from him who makes all things.

I have danced with sharks in Oceans so blue, yet the Mannequin aggression of my affection let’s no loose.

The more I find meaning, the deeper I fall into oblivion

“Embrace it” I keep hearing,

“Own your life”, live, it just might be your last.

Don’t let the trials and temptations!

This voice keeps saying…

Don’t let the trails nor temptations have its way.

It was real now,

I knew sooner would be later.

I was worn out and suddenly…

Grace shone its favorite colors.

Being the heady soul I am, I still try to find…

What am I looking to see? Beats my. imagination.

I have combed in the deepest roots,

In the North, West, somewhere around the East and South regions,

I have combed the hell out of this earth,

I almost don’t seem to know what I’m seeking or better yet looking to find.

Anywhere is better than Nowhere they say,

Why should I care about another man’s said,

When I can rely on my say with Gods grace residing in me…


With Gods grace dwelling in me✊🏽

I can’t be where I need to be if I settle for ANYWHERE,

I can’t be whom I need to be and who I used to be all in one.

It sounds like a whole lotta craze but this is my ducking reality.

In the mix of this whole lotta craze, in my ducking reality,

I start to see the sense in my ducking reality and it makes me wonder if it’s really that bad being lost. Looool🙂

I would tell you though,

This drunk, sometimes overly overwhelming, Sometimes nerve stricken path__ I believe is way GREATER THAN ME.

I have got no choice,

I have to get back on track,


UNO inspired.