Sadness: Mars One’s Pending Failure Explained

So there has been lots of debate regarding whether or not Mars One is a scam thanks to a Medium article by Elmo Keep.

Mars One’s CEO has rebutted most of Keep’s critical points (but not all), although the best explanation why Mars One will fail was posted by Darth Varner while commenting upon The Verge (who recently highlighted this controversy):

Yes. We, as a species, can get to Mars. Certain groups on this planet could do the same, given enough autonomy and funding. NASA is one (cough, Congressional oversight / changing mission objectives every couple years); SpaceX is another — they just need more funding and time to do this stuff on the side.
Mars One, on the other hand, is a bunch of PR gurus who made some back of the envelope calculations and terrible assumptions without any basis in reality, coming up with Mars costing about what NBC pays for the Olympics. All this group has really been good at is getting news coverage and issuing press releases.
The problem with their model is simple. I’m sad to say this, but highly rated reality TV is essentially all dysfunctional people who are constantly in conflict with one another. Actual astronauts get along. The last thing you want to do is take a group which might have a shadow of a chance of getting high ratings, and bottle that dysfunctional family up into a tin can surrounded by vacuum. (Darth Verner)

Darth Verner is absolutely right.

Mars One may be inspiring, challenging, courageous, etcetera, but in order for media investors to get a return on their “reality television show in space,” the crew may ultimately have to display friction towards each other (which could lead towards catastrophe).

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