Clear your mind and picture this in your head. There’s a mountain in front of you and atop that mountain stands a man. There’s also a man at the base of the mountain. Both of these men have hurled rocks at each other for days now and sometimes they actually hit their target. (I know what you’re thinking; the man at the base of this mountain must have one hell of an arm but work with me here!) Getting hit with a rock is painful for the man up top but is especially painful for the man at the bottom of the mountain. As these things go, the man atop the mountain has been hit and has the scars to prove it; the man at the base is a bloody mess. Now, why is that? Seems obvious, right? The man at the top of the mountain has the stronger position.
My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

Very powerful metaphor Conservative Black Man!

Guy throwing rocks at the top…

…has definite advantage over guy throwing rocks from the bottom.

It’s the lack of understanding that results in Democrats (who at the very worst pretend to be empathetic) attract more minority voters than Republicans (who echo cold, hard stats like a robot).

Since elections are basically popularity contests, the future of GOP is in doubt – unless they change!

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