Insights From a Successful Full-Time Spread Betting Trader

4 min readNov 14, 2020


successful financial spread betting

A lot of people dream of making money by trading in shares for apparently any winnings are tax free. This can only be made possible through financial spread betting and it is not a wild idea which many tend to dismiss it as. This is an activity where you as a bettor can’t take advantage of the craziness of the financial markets.

Contrary to popular belief, spread betting is not shady. There are really no shades of gray here, you as a bettor can either enjoy the whole activity or love it or you can hate it with a passion there is really no in between here.

For those who are totally against the concept of financial spread betting, they can argue that this may just be another form of gambling and it is not necessarily an investment scheme. They can make claims that it can ruin the stock market. People will support this type old betting say that it offers flexibility for those individuals who want to invest or trade, buy or sell, and make sure that their money is placed in a market which is bigger than the stock market.

But for many, it is the fact that any winnings made on this trading activity are not taxable. This is one loop hole in the laws that bewilder a lot of people, especially in the UK where millions of people are involved in this type of trading. However, should the revenue people want to flex their muscles they can always make the lives of traders quite uncomfortable but they don’t seem to care much and there seems to be no evidence that they’re going to do anything soon.

A lot to private investors decide and despite all trading activity because of its obvious benefits. This was the favorite method of earning money is specially when the financial markets were on a steady decline, but when the markets improve a lot of people hoped that the trading would be forgotten. Obviously it has not been forgotten and more and more people are taking advantage of the commissions they gained from the trading.

For those were interested in financial spread betting, don’t go in blind, instead make sure that you learn everything there is to know about the financial market and all there is to know about the methods and the techniques used in the betting. This way you can avoid losing a lot of money if you speculate wrong.

Financial Spread Betting and All Its Benefits and Pitfalls

To date, a lot of people will tell you that financial spread betting offer a very simple and tax free way of trading the markets whether you have engaged in any trading before or not. But it is also important for you to know that when you are trading spread stakes you may just lose more that the original margin deposit that you made. Financial spread betting is rapidly turning into a really fun and exciting way of speculating on the stock markets and also making some profit. This spread playing is dependent on the maxim that says the more correct your speculation is, the more money that you win.

People have fun with this spread playing for several reasons some of which are its simplicity, its flexibility and the fact that it is also rather cheap. Financial spread staking is bale to fit into any f the trading strategies that you use currently or any that you wish to use in the future. It is a widely known fact that tons of people are now into trading while using spread betting so that they do not have to pay any commissions or any taxes. Yes, its tax free and commission free nature are just among its many benefits. It is rather simple to open yourself an account, you do not need to large a capital and it also offers you plenty of leverage. It also allows you to trade in plenty of very small amounts all through out a range of markets.

If you are interested in spread staking, you will be happy to know that you can turn a profit when the market is booming or even when it is floundering; you may even trade in hundreds of different markets using just one account. It is really very convenient and profitable that way. Not to mention that it makes handling your accounts simpler as well. Think of this is your beginner’s guide to spread betting and do not be afraid or lazy to do more research. You can never have too much information about something before you dabble in it.