Brass Golem Alpha2 0.7
Marek Franciszkiewicz

I tried to install the alpha version for testing purpose on Windows 10 platform. At the moment that’s not for me and by that I have on my mind someone who can consider himself as an advanced computer user. I am a graphic designer but not a developer and I have to admit at this stage the installation it’s far away from being “not-devUser” friendly. I’ve watched your youtube videos, and I’m in the middle of a little reasearch about your project. I want definetly try this Golem platform and I really hope it’s going to work. If it’s about the installation it’s complicated process. When you are not familiar with VBox, cmd and linux-like environment you are not able to test it. Golem itself has been installed on my computer and VBox did something with virtual machine. On the end when I opened Golem I ended up with 0 nodes and it looked like it was totaly beyond the network without any sign of Golem error or its status. To summ it, graphic computer artists must wait for not-programmer friendly instructions. In my opinion it is crucial to make it easy to use for common user, who how I suppose, in this kind of decentralized network will be at variety level of computer knowledge. I wish good luck to this project and I’m waiting for easer way to test it or some kind of Golem for dummies :P Take care Team!

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