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I’ve read these things before. A former douche-bro sort of repents but not so as to admit he made a mistake. “If I was wrong,” he insists, “it was for the right reasons.”

No. You were wrong when you made a bunch of money working for <Badcorp> and told yourself it was ok, you’d be generous and thoughtful later in life and how much more effectively for being wealthy! You were wrong when your undergraduate baby-mind suckled that Libertarian teat, when you thought Ayn Rand was a philosopher and Paul Ryan a wonk. And you are most completely wrong when you tell yourself now, after eight years of tooth-and-nail struggle on health care, tax reform, consumer protection, and literally everything that needed the vote of a single Republican in Congress, that these two parties are anything alike.

Your dad was a Republican and now you know he was an asshole. Bernie will not marry your mother and rescue your self-respect. Get over it.

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