3 Learnings from Babson

This is an article I had written during my last few days at Babson. It was published in the business school magazine.

Here are my 3 key learning at Babson.

“ Your Start-up need not be ‘sexy’ , it should solve an existing Problem” — A lot of us might be smitten by the technology start-ups in the Bay area but what Babson taught me is, that it is not the only path to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship lies in any effort to solve a problem. It takes an entrepreneur to look for opportunities in un-sexy fields and turn it into a profitable business.

“ Don’t consider your peer as your friends. Take them as teachers.” — Often while we hang out with our friends we forget that they are credible and knowledgeable professionals apart from being casual friends. It is always very helpful to pick their brains whenever you are stuck. This learning was very helpful to me personally and I intend to keep the connections for future.

“Strategy & plans don’t mean much without action” — The biggest learning at Babson would be from its core principal of ETA — Entrepreneurial thought and action. While strategy and business plans are just guiding tools for a company, success lies it in the execution of the plan and adapting to the changing environments during the course.

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