Removes AdSense Ad Limit Policy By Google

Google recently refreshed its Adsense ad limit policy, removing the restriction it once had on the amount of ads publishers can place on one page.

Web publishers may well not place more than one “large” ad product per page.

Now, you can see in Google’s current advertisement placement policies that the ‘ad limit per page’ section has been removed. It has been changed with an area titled ‘valuable inventory’, which cautions site owners not to allow the amount of advertising on the page exceed the amount of actual content. Performing so may bring about google limiting or disabling advertising served on the web page until appropriate changes are made.

I spoke with a Google representative today who confirmed the advertisement limit has been removed, while also explaining why the change has occurred.

Taking away Google’s AdSense Ad Limit

Google’s previous ad limit policy was in result for several years in truth, the company have not up-to-date it since the go up of mobile. “It was time for a refresh”, the Google someone before illustrating the reasons behind the change.

Improve Web Content:-

The main reason behind this change is to create an improved balance between quality content and advertising. Instead of looking at this change as a cap that has been removed, it should be looked at as a way to increase the overall quality of content on the web.

Test New Ad Units :-

To coincide with the go up of mobile, Google launched new mobile-friendly ad products. However, the feedback from publishers is that they’re not wanting to test the new ad products. they don’t want to give up any ad units that are currently in position.

If web publishers remove one of the ad units they’re presently using it may possibly lead to a reduction in revenue. Realizing this, Google made the decision to rethink the advertisement limit policy in expectations that more publishers will start using the new mobile-friendly ads.

Advertisers Looking Happy :-

Businesses that are paying to promote via mobile-friendly ad products are not obtaining a maximum return on investment if publishers are certainly not utilizing the ads. Publishers are a critical component of advertising; if publishers avoid display the advertising then companies will be less likely to fund advertising.

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