Bass Practice Log — 11/04/2017 — Review Day

Today I reviewed all the triads I did in the previous days:

  • G Maj, min, aug, dim
  • D Maj, min, aug, dim
  • A Maj, min, aug, dim
  • E Maj, min, aug, dim
  • B Maj, min, aug, dim

Always saying the names of the notes out loud, ascending and descending.

I noticed that now that I have the patterns more or less memorized, I tend to get distracted more easily, just to realize a moment later than maybe I started playing the major triad while I was playing the minor one (facepalm).

Other than that, since I spent the night teaching light saber combat, I just transcribed one more bar of Palladium. Now I’ll go to bed because I’m super tired.

What I learned:

  • I tend to get distracted :( and I need to bring myself back in focus
  • I’ll probably need to either transcribe a whole lot of music, or do some kind of course on writing music notation, or both
  • I’m not sure if I need to call that a F## or G when playing the B aug triad (B D# F##)

Next Steps:

  • Review the scales
  • Since I didn’t spend much time transcribing as I planned, spend more time transcribing :)
  • F# triad and Major scale
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