Bass Practice Log — 16/04/2017 — Long Practice

Today I deliberately planned a long playing time to see how long I could maintain focus, and to have a nice recap of everything I did in the last days:

  • Warm-up: triads, just playing, different right hand patterns (~15m)
  • Triads: 10 randomized, play a couple of minutes per triad, break 1 minute Daug, Em, F#dim, C#aug, D, Eaug, Gaug, Gdim, C#m, C#dim (~1h)
  • Break: 45 minutes / eat
  • Scales: G, D, A, E, B, F#, C#, Ab trying to use 2,4|1,2,4|1,3,4 (see if possible) (~1h)
  • Break: 15 minutes
  • Eb Triads (~30m)
  • Eb Major scale (~30m)
  • Break: 15 minutes
  • Palladium up to the change in F (~1h)

What I learned:

  • If I’m fresh and just started I can do a max of 1h straight of exercises without loosing focus (if I do small breaks of 1–2 minutes in between)
  • If I’m more tired I struggle to reach 1h, ie: with the scales I went on fine until C# where I started to make a lot of mistakes and was getting distracted a lot
  • Eb Major triad is: Eb G Bb
  • Eb minor triad is: Eb Gb Bb
  • Eb augmented triad is: Eb G B
  • Eb diminished triad is: Eb Gb Bbb
  • Eb Major scale is: Eb F G Ab Bb C D (3 flats in key)
  • I managed to get that difficult rhythmical part of Palladium. I had to slow the piece down to get it

Next steps:

  • Bb triads and Major scale
  • Palladium
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