7 LinkedIn Engagement Pod Growth Hacking Opportunities For 2020 🔥🚀

There’s no dispute that LinkedIn is the top social platform for people in business-to-business (B2B). For those eager to get an unfair advantage over their competition, you’ll be keen to learn the 7 LinkedIn engagement pod growth hacking opportunities for 2020 that we’ve identified.

  1. Ride LinkedIn’s algorithm to get free brand exposure and post reach.

LinkedIn Pod Growth Hack 1: Leverage LinkedIn’s algorithm strategy

LinkedIn has a predictable algorithm that will give your posts additional reach depending on how they perform in the first 30–60 minutes, to the first 3 hours you post.

Comments are most valuable to the algorithm in those first 30–60 minutes.

The auto-commenting function from LinkedIn pods leverages this algorithm rule efficiently.

The auto-commenting function from LinkedIn pods leverages this algorithm rule very efficiently.Using the Lempod & Alcapod Strategy I’ve developed, you can take LinkedIn engagements to a whole new level.


Engagement Pod Growth Hack 2: Social proof on LinkedIn posts

The most obvious use for LinkedIn engagement pods is for adding social proof to your posts and articles.

Social-proof relies on our unconscious human algorithms for problem solving.

If we see that other people have liked or done something first, we’re nudged into being more likely to do it ourselves.

People looking to gain thought-leadership credibility get drawn to LinkedIn pods for this reason.

The average LinkedIn post rarely gets over 10 likes and two comments. So when you use LinkedIn pods to engage your posts, it helps get you noticed.

Choosing high-quality engagement pods makes this dramatically more effective.Getting noticed by people you want to build relationships with is dramatically easier when you’re using engagement pods.

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LinkedIn Growth Hack 3: Re-sharing your prospects’ content with engagement pods

They’ll enjoy feeling flattered that you shared their content, and impressed by the amount of engagement and attention you got in your network by sharing it.

When people share your content, it’s exposed to an entirely new audience of people.

You’ll earn your prospect’s attention. And they’ll be very curious to learn more about you! What kind of engagement pod options you’ve chosen will matter here!

LinkedIn Growth Hack 4: Use engagement pods to simulate viral activity with your posts

So when you use an engagement pod to boost their post of yours in those first few critical minutes and hours, you further simulate virility to the LInkedIn algorithm.

When people share content that gets a lot of engagement, the algorithm thinks it must be popular and give it even greater reach.

When used well, LinkedIn pod auto-comments can help sell your idea, product or service in another person’s voice.

This is how you get your brand exposure and content reach well beyond your own personal network and into 2nd and 3rd degree ones.

LinkedIn Growth Hack 5: Comment automation (auto-comments)

It’s important to be in the right kind and quality of engagement pods for this to be reliable.

Specifically, you can do the following:

  • Pre-emptively address sales objections.

LinkedIn Pod Growth Hack 6: Trend on LinkedIn’s hashtags

When a post trends on a hashtag, the person’s network gets a notification about it. And LinkedIn pods are an effective way to trend on hashtags if done right.

I teach this privately along with other LinkedIn engagement pod growth hacks in a paid course that’s only available to my premium engagement pod club members.

These LinkedIn growth hacks are top-secret because of how valuable they are. They lose value the more people know and overuse them.

If you’re interested in joining our LinkedIn engagement pod best-practice FREE email course, you can apply here.


Engagement Pod Growth Hack 7: Drive targeted LinkedIn traffic to your website and landing pages

This picture above is from a case study I wrote in January 2020 on how I drove $1329.66 in targeted LinkedIn traffic to my website. I discuss the method and how it translated into 35 new leads in that one day.

It’s since become a rinse-and-repeat strategy I use often.

You can learn how it’s done through the best-practice and onboarding mini email course by signing up below!

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Originally published at https://www.thisonemarketing.com on February 26, 2020.

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