LinkedIn Posts Best-Practices Guide for 2020 With Examples 📖📈

This LinkedIn posts best-practices guide will show you how to make high ROI LinkedIn posts with your existing content.

The LinkedIn posts best-practices guide for 2020 is an excerpt from the free LinkedIn pods training course.

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Why quality engagement pods need quality posts

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Attention-grabbing headlines with examples

Courtesy of Josh Fletcher

Making strategic use of the first 3 lines

APP: Agree, promise, preview what’s to come

Encourage dreams, justify failures, allay fears, throw rocks at enemies, confirm suspicions

Use short sentences and paragraphs for your posts

Grade 8 reading level

Give a lot of value up front for free

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Show your human side

How to use emojis on LinkedIn

Address your prospect’s pain-points and aspirations in their words and language

How to increase engagement by asking questions in posts

Trade engagement for gated content

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LinkedIn posts best-practices for hashtags

Tag your company in posts (and other people when appropriate.)

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Originally published at on April 23, 2020.

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