Darrel’s Biz Blogazine #1

Hello and welcome to the first issue / edition / chapter of Darrel’s Biz Blogazine.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name’s Darrel Griffin. I’m an Englishman living in Perth, Western Australia, with my young family. I’m 50 on October 29 (where did that come from?!). I’ve dabbled in music (yes, that’s me on bass guitar back in 2007). I’m a huge fan of Gary Vee, Morrissey, the Bee Gees (I think this is greatest song of all time — what’s your favourite song?) and the mighty Leeds United (did I hear a boo?). And I‘m really looking forward to the 2016 Big Bash League (Go Scorchers!).

Professionally, I wear a couple of hats: I’m a LinkedIn Mentor and Profile Writer, helping professionals to leverage all that LinkedIn can facilitate for their businesses / careers. And alongside that I’m a Signage & Digital Print Adviser, working with the team at Brand Industry Services to serve their growing signage, display and labelling client base.

So without further ado, let’s get into the Blogazine… first, this week’s LinkedIn tip…


Admittedly, I like to use humour to make a point (though when I first shared this blog post I received one or two hostile comments — some clearly didn’t see the funny side).

I hope you’ll see the funny side, dear reader — while taking on board the serious point I’m trying to make :D


I’m a huge fan of video as a communication tool. And we now have the tools available to us to create all kinds of video content. Video expert Courtney Waller has created this really helpful short video to help us ensure that the audio quality of our smartphone video selfies is of the highest calibre.


Brand Industry Services has produced a great brochure to showcase its range of signage, display and labelling services.

Get an electronic version here.

Alternatively, email me darrel@brandindustry.com.au for a lovely glossy hard copy (or to recommend that I send a copy to a friend / colleague). Thanks for your support!

CROSS WORDS (okay, so I occasionally like to rant a little…)

Look, I get it. Nobody should have to undersell their talent. We’ve worked hard to get where we are, after all. But while this statement may be true, the way to fight back against the Fiverrs of this world is not to criticise the customer. We need a more effective strategy. We must better communicate our value.

Perhaps it’s time to play to our strengths and to compete on something other than price?

And to stop blaming the customer for something that is actually our responsibility.



So that’s it! Here endeth the first issue / edition / chapter of Darrel’s Biz Blogazine. What did you think? I’d really appreciate your comments and feedback, plus suggestions for additional content that would be of value to you personally. Please email me darrel@social4success.com.

Speak soon I hope!


***A huge thanks to the team at Brand Industry Services for their support***