Introducing: Darrel’s Biz Blogazine

Yours Truly, Darrel Griffin. Who should have shaved before this shot, frankly.

Hello friends and connections — greetings from sunny Perth. It’s gradually warming up as I write, after what has felt like a very l-o-n-g winter (how unusual for an Englishman to open a conversation by talking about the weather, hey!).

Anyway, I wanted to share with you something new that I’m launching.

Like many others (perhaps yourself included?), I wear more than one professional hat. Sharing content relating to both hats can prove tricky and potentially confusing. So rather than randomly sharing several pieces of disconnected content on numerous channels, I instead thought about how I could share valuable content relating to numerous topics from a single source, delivered in a way that’s easy (and, hopefully, interesting) to consume.

So I chewed the idea around a bit and came up with this: ‘Darrel’s Biz Blogazine’. A (probably) weekly gathering of (what I hope will be) helpful content, news and tips, posted within a single weekly article here on Medium (hey, why not sign up now and follow me if you haven’t done so already?).

Let’s be honest, I really had no idea whether there was even such a thing as a blogazine. Of course, Google informed me otherwise. But whether there’s a blogazine quite like mine’s going to be? That remains to be seen!

So what will ‘Darrel’s Biz Blogazine’ feature? Well, I have no doubt the contents will evolve. I’m just going to go ahead and make a start. So to begin with, I’ll probably share a LinkedIn tip (or two), a peep into the signage world of Brand, a Video of the Week (I’m an avid YouTube consumer and a BIG Gary Vaynerchuk fan — so it may well become Vaynerchuk of the Week), Article of the Week (if I stumble across one that’s interesting enough) — and I may well use the Blogazine to continue my popular Darrel Introduces series.

Needless to say I welcome your feedback and comments — engagement is always the oxygen of this kind of endeavour. And who knows, perhaps I’ll inspire some of you to try something similar?

(Oh, and I really had no idea I was so partial to brackets.)