Labels, labels… and more labels!

I’ve had a great start to my second day at Brand Industry Services. I’ve been learning all about labels from Brand director and self-confessed label addict, Michael Sukias.

So while it’s all still fresh in my mind I thought I’d create a short video to introduce you, dear reader, to just three of the many label processes available from Brand…

To recap:

METALLIC LABELS… Eye-catching metallic finishes to really set your labels apart;

SEMI-RIGID PVC LABELS… If it’s a plastic label and not a sticker that you need, no worries! Remember, we can sequentially number or barcode them, too;

REVERSE PRINTED LABELS… Need windscreen labels to permit car parking, for example? Our reverse printed labels are ideal. (These can be sequentially numbered too, incidentally.)

All these options (and more to follow soon) are available in short to medium runs.

Okay, that’s today’s instalment, friends. Chat soon!