CNA #4

Kim Jong-nam death: Malaysian police arrest female suspect

Malaysian police detain a women holding a Vietnamese passport and are looking for other suspects linked to the assassination of Kim Jong-nam. He was reportedly attacked from behind in a Malaysian airport with a chemical spray. The theory is that Kim had been targeted by spies from the country.

French Foie Gras Makers Fear the Worst as Bird Flu Toll Rises

The bird flu epidemic in southwest France has led to about 3 million poultry being killed and putting nervousness into the producers. France and Hungary have been hit the hardest in the past 3 months as the H5N8 avian flu spreads throughout Europe. The government launched a large cull in hopes of containing the outbreak.

Iraqi Strikes Kill ISIS Commanders, Fate of Leader Al-Baghdadi Unknown

Wave of airstrikes on Feb. 11 killed scores of ISIS militant including senior figures. The airstrike had 77 confirmed deaths of extremists including 13 senior commanders. The attack was also targeted for the groups supreme leader, but has not been verified if he was in the location or not.