Television Advertisement Critique

The Doritos television advertisement of the man and woman in the doctor office getting an ultrasound uses humor to grab the attention of the consumer.

The advertisement uses a series of dynamic camera shots and static shots to define the setting of the visual. There is a quick pan up of the doctor than a a static medium shot of the pregnant woman getting the ultrasound than to another shot of the baby on the ultrasound screen.

The sound effect of the man eating the Doritos is used to define actions. The crunch of the chip peaks the baby’s interest. The baby still in the womb wants the Doritos and tries to grab for it every time the man moves the chip around.

This television commercial uses a fantasy as the format. The subjects are placed in unreal and abnormal situations. It made the point about the product that Doritos are so desirable.

A man and woman who are getting the ultrasound. The woman is upset that the man has the audacity to be eating Doritos during a special moment. He notices that the baby is following the chip when the father moves it from side to side. The mother gets fed up with the father and slaps the chip out of his hand and the baby comes flying out the womb and the characters are distraught.

The target market of the advertisement is probably targeted towards males and females between the ages of 16–24 years old.

The benefits of the advertisement is that it puts the Doritos company in a light hearted company and promotes brand awareness.

There is no straightforward call to action in the advertisement.

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