The Best In Video Marketing Strategies!

There’s a lot of talk out there on how crazy fast video marketing is growing. With one third of all online activity going to video, and that number on the rise, it’s no wonder marketers want a bite of it. However, in order to fully take advantage of this form of digital marketing, you need to do more than just produce one random video. Most marketing videos fall into three categories, Hero, Hub and Hygiene. Each of these types rely on the others to fully thrive. Learn more in our definitions below.


Hero is a term used for an attention-grabber video that companies use in order to reach a broader-range mainstream audience. This type of video works to spike awareness for a short period of time as it shows how the company is at the forefront of the hype. Knowing that the company is in tune with the latest can help build trust, driving potential sales/subscribers. Hero videos are done about 1–2 times a year so as to not overspend and to keep the audience in suspense. Additionally a hero video could be best used when you have a brand new product launching or an annual upcoming event. Now the Hero video may not show the main work of your company, but that’s okay as there are other forms of video that’ll do just that. Here’s a link of a Hero video done by Volvo in order to raise awareness about their new truck models. It displays a man doing the splits in between moving trucks (Volvo was attempting to show how good their steering capabilities were).


Moving on to the Hub portion: The Hub is a location where video’s are updated regularly either daily or weekly — whichever is more convenient for the company. Making these videos valuable and engaging incentivizes people to subscribe or follow your company as they want to receive consistent updates. This helps to generate long-term relationship and loyalty from the consumer. In addition, the company will then have videos to support the less-detailed Hero video, as well as other content to keep people engaged with what your company is doing. These two things combined create potential for high conversion rates as Hero grabs attention, and Hub shows your knowledge base.


Lastly is the hygiene section which contains the support content for your company. This content is aimed at drawing in consistent new consumers from search engines. People will be in search mode when coming across content through Google or Bing. Having this support content be consistent shows your company is reliable as you provide answers, and it also shows consumers some of what your company does without simply bringing them directly to your About page.

As you can see, the pyramid shows the way each category works together. The Hero content radiates awareness, Hygiene content is a result of the Hero, and the Hub is the final destination for the Hygiene visitors to have opportunities to subscribe and become long-term loyal customers. Each is dependent on the other to be most successful.

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