Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the aesthetically pleasing way we view our home and others view our home based on the first impression. Curb appeal is more than a catchphrase used by real estate agents when prepping a home for sale or convincing a buyer to fall in love with a property. Curb appeal is how we imagine ourselves living at a property but to truly know a home it is more helpful to approach it like a new relationship. Like a person, you meet for the first time curb appeal is the initial attraction. To truly know a home, you have to build knowledge that’s more than just skin deep.

The issue with home buying is that curb appeal is pretty much all you have to go on when making the purchasing decision. Sure you will probably obtain a home inspection, but there is no way to certify a home is a move in ready or that there won’t be something that comes up after you move in. This will lead you to some form of buyer’s remorse usually the scale of remorse coincides with the size of the needed repairs or renovations.

Buying a home is a relationship, not just an investment so naturally, we have the ability to doubt our choice. In relationships with one another, we work through differences and obstacles by talking to one another or taking advice. Your home deserves the same thing remember why you initially fell in love with the property. That perfect front porch, the proposed nursery, the flower garden, and the location.

When selecting a home, we construct the dream of what our lives are going to be like after we move in. The reality is that like all relationships owning a home is going to take work and what’s wrong with that? Every home has its underlying issues but when you reflect on that love at first moment be glad curb appeal made your decision so much easier.

Darrell D Lingle

The Write Connection LLC