Finding Competitive, Skilled, and Dependable Staff for Your Small Business

Finding the right people for your business is probably the biggest challenge that faces management and owner operators. With tons of options being marketed to the small business owner today, it’s difficult to determine what method of recruitment fits the needs of your small business. This problem is compounded with the digital recruitment takeover that employers and potential candidates are faced with in today’s employment market. 
There are plenty of online marketplaces that offer the service of connecting potential candidates with employers in need. These sites have their appeals for employers and employees, but also have drawbacks that are often overlooked.

For the employer, the world of online recruitment supplies you with tools and organization that the paper world just cannot compete against. With online recruitment, your able to post your job description and candidate expectations then kick back to watch your inbox fill with candidates. The problem with this is that the employment market competition for even the least desirable jobs is on the rise. This is a trend likely to continue even as more and more jobs are created. This will literally fill your inbox with candidates often hundreds of applicants for a single job posting. With that full inbox will come the arduous task of weeding out candidates whose resume lacks the luster needed to meet the requirements of the job posting.

For those with a dedicated human resources department, this may not be a big deal for you. However, human resource personnel often are completely in the dark as to the nature of the employment tasks required for your business or department. This means the weeding out process is now in the hands of individuals who have no clue what your true needs are.

There are huge benefits that candidates have from the online recruitment world as well. Candidates are able to narrow job searching down to the company, work responsibilities, salary range and the list continues. The issue with this is the conveniences of narrowing down what a candidate is looking for is also narrowing opportunity. The more filters applicants input into the marketplace of jobs the smaller a number of results get. This can lead to all sorts of disappointments for candidates like mountains of rejection letters: more likely emails and the eventual deprivation of self-worth. The lower candidates feel of themselves; the less likely they are going to be to land the right job because confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand. Employment is a huge measure of the individual as well because it justifies a person’s capabilities and provides a direct measurement in which we examine our contributions to the world around us.

What alternatives does an employer have to the tsunami of digital offerings overwhelming the recruitment process today? For professionals in the employment market that evolved into the workforce post-internet age, it’s not so obvious. Before the internet, a business would post in the classifieds. Yup that section of the newsprint dedicated to free puppies and other overlooked gems, send out mailers and run recruitment campaigns. Why have we given up on these sort of strategies? 
We overlook these usually for a combination of reasons like time saved by posting quickly and spending evenings on the couch working remotely to weed out people not meeting the expectations. The rise of social media where we often prefer to meet the person virtually rather than shake their hand. Or my favorite the ingrained notion that using online recruitment and personnel management tools is the only effective way to accomplish our hiring needs. The truth is that while the newsprint classifieds are a bit outdated, there are classifieds on the internet that offer local candidates the opportunity to connect with employers. These classifieds often charge employers a small fee to post the job which is perfect for both parties because applicants know right away that the job is more than likely legitimate. After all who goes around paying to post classified ads with zero intent to fill a position?

What to do if your business is either too small to pay the fees for online classifieds or the company has dedicated itself to using one of the larger recruitment web services. Find your target audience. A great example is, for instance, you’re a local bank, and are in need of part-time tellers try visiting a business program at the community college. Usually, instructors are more than happy to hand over their platform to allow a successful professional give a 30-minute overview of the whatever relatable field of work. Yes, this requires a bit of public speaking, but the payoff is symbiotic the instructor gets a short break and exposes students to actual applications of their instruction. The big win for you, however, is that at the conclusion of your presentation you have a room full of captivated aspiring professionals that are dying to get in on the ground floor. Remember to take paper applications or if your business no longer uses them an ample supply of business cards. Also, be open to taking questions or hang out after class to talk to the most interested parties.

Recruitment campaigns don’t have to be huge billboards and magazine advertisements. Again find your target audience and float flyers. An example would be if your business needs a sales person for veterinarian supplies posting help-wanted flyers outside of a feed store or farmers market will increase the likely chance of catching the interest in someone who would love a position that helps animals. Visit conventions on livestock or farming equipment possibly setting up a booth of your own to recruit talent with relatable interests.

These ideas don’t have to replace your current recruitment strategies, but they will certainly provide a quality supplement. In a market where every person counts, and the competition is aggressive giving your business the edge in finding talented individuals interested and passionate about your business is critical.

Darrell D Lingle
The Write Connection LLC