Happy Workforce = Productive Workforce

Treating others, the way you would want to be treated an essential key to good management. The reality is workforce engagement is incredibly; no astonishingly low in the US and I believe that’s a direct correlation to how people are valued and treated at work.

At some point, nearly everyone has worked for the Gordon Ramsey type hopefully not very long. The reality is that you don’t have to be a raving British lunatic to completely alienate, disenfranchise, and stagnate your workforce.

There are specific behaviors that trigger your staff to disengage from working for you. I say you because the employee probably digs the companies mission after all in most instances a person is attracted to the company, charity, non-profit, or industry not the guy that’s interviewing them.

Asking your staff to do things that are questionable as to right or wrong is one of the quickest ways to cause an employee to distance themselves from you and their work. I’m not talking bank heist type of wrong, but most professions operate under some regulations. Constantly working in the gray areas of a profession makes staff rightfully nervous and cognizant of their own liability or involvement.

The obvious effects of this are morale drops. People feel bad about working in an environment that they feel might be participating in unethical arenas. The workforce gets thick meaning you need more staff to get the job done because people are distancing themselves from decision makers. Productivity drops even with more staff because people stop volunteering to take on projects and put forth their ideas.

Discrimination in the workforce is a surefire way to completely disenfranchise staff. No one of any gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or disability appreciates being on either side of discrimination. The effects are a fearful workforce afraid to do anything less or more than what’s assigned.

The reality is that it’s an awful feeling to know that you’re colleague is being mistreated because she isn’t part of your boss’s boys club. Likewise, a manager that overplays to a minority or gender to deflect their obvious discriminations is both aggravating and offensive. The effects of these behaviors are that some will end up getting it easy at work while others pick up the slack.

Forcing your staff into working remotely consistently after hours destroys productivity. Remote technology was sold to America’s workforce as a future convenience however particularly in the right to work states they have become borderline modern day slavery.

This seems like a strong analogy to compare remote technology to slavery but in the right to work state exempt employees are always bound to a clause “40 hours per week or until the job responsibilities are fulfilled.” When you can be terminated for no fault of your own, this technology assures exempt staff will respond to your email at 2:00 am. Even if you are the kind of manager that says “if I send an email after hours don’t feel obligated to respond.” The reality is if you’re up and decide to work after hours and want to send an email because you might forget in the morning go ahead but save it as a draft and send it during business hours.

Being required to work several hours a day after putting in 8 to 10 hours a day in the office encourages an employee to rest while at work. Meaning the staff is so tired from full days of work and working after hours, they take time to themselves in the quiet of their office when no one is around. Ultimately the work suffers drastically because the staff is overworked and their stress levels are much higher because there is no work home life balance.

There are ways to overcome these problems focus on your staff and get to know them personally. Offer the extra hours to an employee you know is having financial difficulty, make sure you’re not being manipulated into making discriminating personnel choices, and let people leave work and come back tomorrow refreshed to be successful.

When you become intuitively connected with your staff, and they have the confidence that you support and appreciate their efforts you will see a drop in turnover and an increase in productivity.

Darrell D Lingle

The Write Connection LLC