Self Sovereign Identity Consulting

I reached a business decision a few weeks ago to re-focus my efforts to primarily work with clients to provide self-sovereign identity consulting. I’ll still be doing the occasional, urgently needed UNFUK gig, but I’m not building on that any more. Continuum Loop Inc. will be focused primarily on self sovereign identity consulting and the supporting knowledge, technology (e.g. blockchain), and techniques needed to help our clients succeed

A few people asked why.

Helping business owners UNFUK their software and technology teams is fun and great for my clients — but it is a one-off gig and then I move on.

Self sovereign identity changes the game. It means that I can own MY identity. What a concept? Did you even realize that you do not own your digital identity right now?

Self sovereign identity consulting allows me to focus in on a technology that I believe is going to change everything. I see massive changes in the fabric of the internet, technology, marketing, and just about every industry I can think of.

The idea that I can own my own identity is amazing. However, it turns thing upside down in many ways. I won’t bore you with a long story here about that. I’ll just tell you via this video.

This new focus on self sovereign identity consulting is the most exciting thing I’ve done. I’ve never seen a technology with more potential to shake industries.

  • Marketing and Advertisers — get your shit together — this is going to rock your worlds. The people that figure out self sovereign identity will own the marketing relationships going forward
  • IT — Identity has been bane of IT departments. Companies thought they had to own your identity and are just beginning to realize they don’t have to own it (and the liability that comes with owning it).
  • Brand new capabilities that you’ll be hearing about as I ramble on… :-)
  • Changing lives — did you know that over 1.5 billion people have no identity documents of any kind? Nothing — no birth certificate or anything.

People talk about blockchain changing the world. I agree that blockchain will make a massive impact. But I think it is the uses of blockchain that make the magic happen. Blockchain enables things. Things like Self Sovereign Identity.

And that my friends, is why I have shifted to focus on self sovereign identity consulting. Reach out if you want to discuss. You’ll find I am incredibly passionate about it. For those that know me well, you know that’s a level of intensity that changes lives and businesses!

Originally published at Darrell O’Donnell, P.Eng..

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