Simplifying — Killing off iPhone Notifications

notification screen config - Headspace is allowed for Sounds

Since just before Christmas I’ve been removing things that intrude upon my life. This morning my phone woke me up at 7:05am. I am normally up well before then but decided to enjoy a sleep in.

The culprit was my the BBC News app on my iPhone. A relatively generic news alert had popped. Horrible story but nothing wildly different from the news that comes in ever day.

But I hadn’t turned off Sound Alerts on that app. Why?

Because by default it was on when I installed it — I “allowed” Notifications. In their panoply of Notification modes — Sounds (Vibrates when Silent Mode is on)

So after this, I was having a coffee and wondered what other apps had Sounds on.

Loads of them.

Including an awesome mindfulness/meditation app… Ironic.

Do yourself a favour — take a rip through and consider how many apps you have allowed to interrupt your day.

And give a thought to whether you want that app to interrupt you…

Originally published at Darrell O’Donnell, P.Eng..

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