Ecom for Instagram & The Death Of SEO

As you’ve heard Instagram is beta testing a new feature that allows you to purchase products. As marketers, we’re not surprised. Why? Because we know Facebook owns Instagram and that a shoppable Facebook will also mean a shoppable Instagram.

What makes this all so super fun and cool is that there has not been a better picture app than Instagram (to me). It mixes connection and photo sharing in a way Flickr couldn’t. I personally love Instagram, its my favorite app to market and create followings on. Not too stoked on its advertising but a great tool to build and grow an organic following.

Being visual creatures, the simplicity of Instagram had us all gravitating towards it. As a consumer, this has a lot of value. As far as becoming a place of business, this arena is relatively new for Instagram, A lot of changes came about this year to monetize the social media app. They built to audience first with cute tools to compete with the other guys likes stories and video then opened its doors to entrepreneurs.

Although we were all already on the app years ago to promote our business, we didn’t have the savvy business tools to measure our efforts such as profile, post, and follower analytics. Not to forget advertising and NOW shoppable products.

Before all this we kinda just crossed our fingers and hoped for ROI. Obviously, this is Facebook making use of there Insta-purchase back in 2012. And I’m liking the view.

Why These Kind Of Moves Are Huge for E-Commerce

It seems as though the way we are shopping and experiencing brands is changing rapidly. Costs are super low to run a online store and consumers want to connect with brands now more than ever. No longer are we losing the game of tug-of-war with big brands. The playing field has been leveled. Now the game is who can build a better relationship. With a lot of love and personality, you too can build a solid social media brand that connects people with stories they want to hear and products they want to buy.

Does This Mean SEO Is Dead?

Not to be taken out of context, SEO is still a favorable tool to increase traffic to your website. This figure of speech is expressing my reaction to social media’s dominance in branding and marketing. Social media has become the way to find new customers and keep them.

2 birds 1 stone.

Search engines don’t offer this promise. If your good enough you’ll reach the top position. That promises people will find your website but it doesn’t promise they will buy from it or come back again. Social media gives you the ability to sit and wait with your customer to go through their buying process until they’re ready. And even after they buy you can keep them entertained until they’re ready again.

Search engines don’t build brands, the build visibility. And in 2016, it’s gonna take more than “visibility” to win customers over.

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