Thoughts on early 2017

Yesterday I fiddled with my long-staled Wechat account again, I tried so hard to figure out some of my high school classmates’ contact address since I had both friends’ groups from primary school and junior middle school. So I added them one by one from almost deprecated high school QQ group to find if we had new Wechat groups or I’d just create one. And on my fifth try I succeeded on having someone told me we already have someone created the groups which I expected so and I was finally added into that group. Done. However, as I was looking for if I still have high school friends I can talk to or not. Sadly, no. And no one welcomed me when I joined the group, that’s it. I don’t why I still wanna join even though I know it’s meaningless, probably because I just don’t wanna feel left out, that’s it. Maybe this is the last time I spent my spring festival in my hometown, and when you’re home you will feel nostalgia all the way back to your kindergarten classmates. However, in this fast-pacing world, you’re only allowed to look forward instead of look back, which is most of us currently doing.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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