Active Sitting on the Språng Chair Helps Retired Marine Heal Back and Get Off of Pain Meds

“After two decades of chronic back and neck pain from my USMC service, literally after three months, I am off pain medication because this chair forced me to sit properly and and now I can say I’m about 80% back to my old self.”

sneak peek Språng 2.0

BRATTLEBORO, Vt.July 4, 2018PRLog — Darren Mark, inventor of the Språng Chair, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter 2 years ago, is “profoundly moved” by feedback from some of his early backers, to hear just how effective the Språng Chair is, at helping people heal their back pain through active sitting.

I knew the chair worked because it healed my back. But getting an unsolicited letter from one of the first backers — a retired Marine no less — was profoundly moving and truly humbling,” states Mark.

“At first, the chair was really awkward but after a couple months.. my back and core strength have definitely increased and my normal posture has greatly improved. I have retired after 20 plus years in the Marine Corps and this chair has been incredible in my post career recuperation (w/out going to the physical therapist!) after years of running around the Middle East with 100 plus pound pack and having over 100 airborne jumps……

I’ve helped fund several Kickstarter/Indigogo projects and by far this has been my favorite!

Thank you again and Semper Fi!” Jack Kim

In the past year, Mark has shipped close to 300 Språng Chairs. He loves the positive feedback, but admits that “people aren’t used to sending updates to the makers of their furniture — plus, a lot of the time, people take it for granted when they’re feeling better.

Case in point: the message he received from his Aunt, one of the first chair supporters, who came back from vacation to find a wheel broken on her Språng Chair, and after a few weeks texted “I haven’t used the chair in a couple of weeks, and my back has gone BANANAS! Had to go to the chiropractor for the first time since I got the chair! So the chair has been great for my back! Please send me a wheel!” Simone Brody, Balsamo Antiques.

The Språng Chair’s novel approach has been awarded several patents as an evolution on the concept of the “exercise ball as chair.” The chair caught the attention of renowned Ergonomics guru, professor Alan Hedge, Director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University, and invited Mark to present his Språng Chair to his graduate students, whose research found that sitting on the chair was markedly more active than a high end ergonomic chair.

What’s next? Mark is currently field testing Språng 2.0 — integrating the språng’s bungee and ball into a more mainstream-looking chair with a gas lift and 5-star base; Språng 2.0 is slated for Fall 2018.

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