LIfe is a delicate thing. It is beautiful and horrendous sometimes all at once. When you experience life from this perspective, it can be confusing and draining in all the ways that count. When one goes through something traumatic, the instinct of survival looks toward the future. It is natural to look for relief so that the rigors of trauma don’t eat at your total well being like cancer. Then there are times that when the relief you so desperately need comes in a package that you don’t expect. You don’t know why this unexpected change happened. You are just happy that it did.
It is quite possible to misread why a person comes into, or back into your life. Did God send him or her to you? If so, then why? Is this presence permanent or a temporary patch to stop the bleeding of the thoughts of returning to the familiarity of a world that loved you so much? That world where commitment to anyone or anything outside of oneself is nonexistent. That world where desires of the flesh are met with a ready and willing vessel to do whatever your immorality demands. That world, from which I come, that is trying so hard to entice me back. It’s very difficult not to return to that which you know.
In my efforts to not to be what I once was, I shared too much of myself with whom I am still sure God orchestrated to show up in my life at a time when I needed her most. My fear is that the presence is temporary. The question is if I am strong enough to withstand the pressures to return to my former life of chaos in a fallen society should this presence be short lived. Sadly, I don’t have an answer. I know what I want. I see what I want. A prosperous future is within reach if only I stand.
I’ve learned over the years that two people can share their thoughts and feelings with one another. They can get on one accord and feel good about it. However, there exists the danger of superficiality. If you really want to know where a person’s innermost feelings are hidden, they are in a three letter word that holds them all...BUT! When someone shares with you initially, or in response to what you have shared, and the word BUT is appended to their statement, this is the most important time to pay attention to what is said. Most importantly, this is when application of the old phrase “read between the lines” is paramount. We have the propensity as fallible beings to miss what comes after the BUT and never gain clarity from any perspective.
In most parts of this world, seasons of the environment only last for a little while. It is essential to enjoy them while they last. If that person God sent is in your life only for a season, enjoy them while they last.
Ascended Thoughts