American Voters, are we Lemmings?

American Voters….

Lemmings are known for running in packs and supposedly run head-first off of cliffs, plunging to their self-induced death for no apparent reason. To refer to an individual as a lemming thus became synonymous with calling them a follower of a large group — a community on an unthinking course towards mass destruction. Are you a lemming getting ready to vote in a way that doesn’t help us?

The US voters appear to be headed to the polls to elect one of two candidates that are equally awful choices. Clearly these are the worst Presidential candidates we have ever seen in our lifetime. I won’t ever know if they are truly bad people. But thankfully, I don’t believe they want to run the country for any reason other than a belief that they will do good.

I am convinced the two political parties run every aspect of our country, and they do this is in a very coordinated way that is not in America’s best interests.

It seems certain to me that neither one of the two party candidates will be able to drive a mandate and negotiate real change. First, because they don’t carry the skills to influence major change with either voters or legislators, and secondly, because they won’t address the real changes that are needed for our country. Regardless of who is elected, the two parties will not allow real change.

We do need real change, and we need it now. We hurt in so many areas and I believe we are headed for major challenges to democracy and capitalism — as we have so many people not working or not making enough if they are…

Are you seriously going to stand there and defend your Presidential candidate as the lesser evil? Are any of us proud of the two people we have selected out of 300 million plus citizens? Do we really have to post, much less view, hundreds of political memes on social media that show Donald Trump is unfit, or Hillary is crooked? Do we really not understand that neither one of these candidates are going to address the primary issues in our country — most especially to help the lower and middle class in a way that would drive so many improvements in our way of life?

Our two-party system will be the end of us. The corruption in our government is unchecked. Major crimes that rocked our world just come and go without even being addressed. Wall Street just stole billions using an illegal, fraudulent scheme in America’s housing market scandal, and nobody was held accountable. We nearly had a major depression that shows to me there is an elite group of Americans that do not answer to the same system that we do.

What if the two party system is just a big facade? A conspiracy that works perfectly as us lemmings line up with our preferred party and call the other party stupid, unfit, and criminal. Meanwhile, the politicians of both parties and the wealthy elite are jointly running the country together, to our demise. Wake up lemmings, this system is a sham and we have all fallen for it. Career politicians run our country with their net worth soaring at rates that the lower and middle class would love to see and enjoy.

The potential solutions:

First, we need another real political party or two that can get elected and make change. We must step out of our liberal or conservative paradigms and move to drive real leadership within our government that can help us with our major problems. If both the Green and Libertarian Parties can’t attract enough voters, we need another substantial party, or two. I suggest you get behind the growth of a real American political party with everything you have, otherwise you are supporting the demise of our country.

Second, we need the right to vote as a democracy. We don’t elect our President, the states do… we don’t vote on laws, the Legislators do… somehow the people of this country should have some ability to vote as a true democracy. I don’t have all the answers to how this could be enacted, or best put in place (especially in light of Brexit), but I was impressed that a foreign country could actually vote for something important. We cannot.

I don’t want to vote for either of these candidates and find it sad we couldn't have done better. I want to work towards a future where we don’t ever have to choose again between two unsuitable candidates, and a future where we make substantial change to our country with wise leadership and smart decisions that will truly keep America great.