Technical Update for 2019

What’s Coming up on Perlin’s Development Roadmap

2018 has been a tremendous year for Perlin. We met our goals of bringing some of the best of what research has to offer in terms of decentralized technology to the masses with the release of our networking stack Noise, embeddable WebAssembly VM Life, and decentralized ledger Wavelet.

For 2019, our goal is simple: to drive significant adoption to Perlin’s technologies, and to unleash cheap computing resources into the hands of students, developers, and companies across the world.

To meet this goal, we have thought long and hard and incorporated feedback from our token holders, partners, and community members to establish a more specific timeline for 2019 that covers what we will actually be building in coming months.

Here’s what you can expect for the coming year.

Focusing on Wavelet

From January to February, our main focus will be on significantly improving the developer experience for our decentralized ledger Wavelet.

We will be performing a large array of bug fixes, performance improvements and optimizations whilst also writing large amounts of concise documentation and developer tooling for Wavelet and our other line of projects.

Floating point arithmetic and representation is now deterministic on Life: our WebAssembly VM.

Some implementations out of research we have performed over the last year regarding Wavelet, such as pruning and economic voting for consensus protocol parameters, will also be done in parallel.

You can expect functionality that allows you to write WebAssembly smart contracts with your favorite languages like Rust, Go, C/C++ and AssemblyScript (with full IDE support like auto-completion and refactoring!).

A sneak peek of what the new WebAssembly smart contract SDK in Rust looks like. Full IDE, unit test, and debugging support has already been completed.

There will also be a hefty pile of code examples, developer utilities and tutorials available to help you kickstart writing decentralized applications with Wavelet.

Changes will be made to Wavelet, Lens and Life to make smart contracts significantly easier, safer and faster to write, run and use.

For end-users, we will also be providing a wallet platform to help you manage your PERLs and to enable you to contribute your device to earn PERLs on Perlin by acting as a validator node to help prevent any malicious activity on the network.

From March onwards, we are planning to work closely in collaboration with some of the world’s leading students, professors and developers in distributed systems, cryptography, and security.

This will support the Perlin team’s efforts to perform rigorous and exhaustive security audits, fixes and refinements to Wavelet.

The end goal will be the release a mainnet version of Wavelet to the masses around June to July, which anyone will then be able to use to reliably build decentralized applications (DApps).

We will also be experimenting with a wide plethora of formal verification techniques over both Wavelet as a software and as a decentralized ledger to make Wavelet safer and more pragmatic to use for everyone.

Birth of a Powerful New Cloud

From May to July, we will be making our first moves to bring underutilized computing resources into the hands of students, developers, organisations and enterprises for low prices never before seen in the centralized cloud computing market.

The cloud in which we will be unleashing into the hands of consumers will first take the form of a serverless platform.

A vast pool of underutilized computing resources will initially be sourced from the devices of trusted suppliers that we have already partnered with and vetted

Developers will be able to write serverless functions in WebAssembly and deploy it out into production with Perlin. Perlin will do the rest on your behalf in terms of allocating the necessary resources to bring your serverless function into production.

Payment to our initial pool of trusted suppliers for the resources used in deploying out their serverless functions will be facilitated by Wavelet via our native PERL tokens, which we will roll out this year.

A detailed and comprehensive set of tooling and documentation will also be provided to aid one in writing and deploying serverless functions on Perlin.

Incrementally along the way, we will also be working on support for specialized hardware being supplied/rented on Perlin, such as GPUs accessible under standardized implementations such as WebGPU.

Work is ongoing to support the WebGPU specification on Perlin.

Just imagine your next web app, blog, platform, store, or game being more cheaply and resiliently powered by hundreds of thousands of underutilized computing resources with Perlin.

Incremental Decentralization

Further down the track, we will incrementally enable larger populations of device owners to become suppliers and start earning passive income for any of the idle computing resources they already have laying around.

In the meantime, users will still be able to get involved with Perlin by hosting a validator node and earning fees through this process.

Throughout the rest of this year, we also cannot wait to share with you some of the verifiable computing and privacy-preserving schemes we have been working on alongside some research on market dynamics for decentralized marketplaces.

In doing so, we will progressively make updates to the protocols powering Perlin and Wavelet.

This will have the twin impact of making DApps significantly easier to use (to encourage greater adoption) and develop (to support and facilitate greater innovation in DApp development).


On the tech front, we have positioned ourselves perfectly for 2019. We really cannot wait to show you what Perlin can do in 2019, with the public rollout of Wavelet and our decentralized cloud platform Perlin.

Join Perlin’s World Leading Development Team

To support the extensive work we’re doing in 2019, we are actively hiring frontend developers, core developers and tech evangelists interested in extending/promoting out our technology.

Engaging in the open-source developer community is one of our utmost priorities. As an evangelist, you will be on the forefront enabling startups and companies to reap the benefits of using decentralized technologies through Perlin’s open-source libraries and projects.

Please drop us a line if you’re interested in joining the team!

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’Til Next Time

Darren Toh