You can still have issues without the trauma

Being in the personal development world, you hear SO many terrible stories about how bad someone’s childhood was, people who have gone through horrible experiences and they’ve come through the other side, get their life together and are now very inspirational. But what about the people who have issues in their life that are holding them back, affecting trust and a multitude of other things?

I myself have limiting beliefs that have been, up until recently, been holding me back. These haven’t been through any major experiences in my life but through smaller beliefs and experiences that have happened, small enough to brush aside in your conscious daily thought processes but significant enough to add up over the years.

For this past couple of years I’ve been wondering why I have such money hang-ups, why I haven’t allowed myself to really flourish and fly with my career and my dreams. I’ve had SO many conversations with myself trying to figure things out but to no avail. It’s not until you begin to go inwards, have conversations with very trusted friends that sparks begin to light up in your mind and lead to memories that you’d apparently forgotten. The comments negative from parents when you’re young about how that family over there seem to have money and you don’t, the derogatory remarks about how it’s wrong that someone should have so much money. The more you think, the more you realise that this seems to have been a very common thread through your most formative years. Then there are the comments “oh you’ll never do that, you’ll give up and forget about it soon”, “you never stick to anything you begin”, “go get x job, it’s safe and secure”. The list of these kind of attitudes and comments goes on and on and the more you remember them, the clearer it becomes in your head how your limiting beliefs were formed and now have control. The thing is, these comments and opinions weren’t said to be horrible, they were always meant to keep your safe, to protect you, because that’s all your parents, relatives and/or friends knew.

So are these beliefs real? Of course not, they are born in the fears and worries of others, so why allow them to place a ceiling between you and your dreams? Once you realise that these limits aren’t real, you can begin to take small steps each day to push past them, to move further forward towards your dreams, to be the person you are meant to be! It’s not going to be easy and it certainly isn’t going to be an overnight change, but little by little, day by day, week by week, you will start to expand, to move closer and closer to being the person your heart and soul knows you should be. The person you came to this life to be!

The key to unlock your realisations is sharing with close friends, a coach, a mentor, someone you can trust and feel open enough to talk to. Through those chats there will be a sentence, a word that will trigger thoughts and pull them to the front of your mind, it will be those moments that will create the amazing and wonderful changes to remove that ceiling and allow you to fly!


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