Talk More, Smile More

Aaron Burr has got it entirely wrong.

I believe I am a good communicator. If in a conversation I can explain, debate, chat, even direct (or dodge, or re-direct) arguments, focus, and discussion. I work on-stage and can deliver speeches and keynotes; act, mime, joke, sing; I think I have a broad set of tools I can use to communicate.

Vocabulary is one of those tools: I hedged my own confidence in my own abilities with believe and think, to hopefully sound less arrogant and invite discussion.

But, today, I realised a potential flaw: I don’t have the habit of regularly communicating.

For example, in a meeting, decisions are made and information is recorded and shared dutifully in minutes; but sometimes, this isn’t shared sideways or recorded anywhere in writing. Actually, even recording down everything wouldn’t solve anything — distribution is more important than content.

So, I’m great at communicating in one direction; but figuring out how to regularly communicate in all directions, providing updates and information and so on, needs practice and skill.

Any ideas?

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