10 Workforce Planning mistakes to Avoid

The Anatomy of an Unsuccessful Call Centre Workforce Planner

  • An unsuccessful Workforce Planner does not have a sound understanding of the basic Call Centre calculations — principles of Erlang and the variations. He doesn’t need to be a mathematical genius, but it helps if he can count!
  • The terrible Workforce Manager will fail because he doesn’t know how to calculate KPIs ‘’Hey, what are KPIs anyway?’’.
  • He does not understand the theory of ’cause and effect’ and the impact of ‘the power of one’.
  • He is a awful Planner because although he knows all current trends with things like fashion, music, sport or the arts, he does not understand trends within forecasting, among other basic data analysis principles.
  • Planner by name but not by nature! The bad planner is not good at prioritising. The unsuccessful Planner will not be able to think on his feet and decide which are the most important tasks to complete first.
  • The Planner who is too nice will get eaten alive. The Planner who does not succeed will not appreciate that above all else he or she must be single minded in the pursuit of meeting those KPIs, Service Level goals and management objections. Despite the deteriorating relationship with the team of new agents. John the agent, ‘Hey Planner, can I have a holiday on Tuesday?’, Bad Planner, ‘Sure no problem, what about Wednesday too!’
  • The awful planner does not consider all the elements of requirement building for example, Speed of answer. OK — picture the scene, he has 100 calls per day, that is the forecast and it’s accurate. But he targets 50% as an abandonment rate meaning he initially could abandon half his forecasted calls and have a equal or greater effect on the requirement that he needed which results in a 50% reduction on staff requirement. He did this because he is a bad Planner.
  • The planner is not talking or meeting with other business departments to understand upcoming events. Just boxed within his small office, with the door closed, the window blinds pulled with voice mailbox already full for months and a computer packed with hundreds of unread emails. He is too busy with scheduling tasks to be able to track local community news or major events in the city which will impact things like coverage, absenteeism and shrinkage.
  • The unsuccessful planner does not embrace technological changes within his industry, have awareness of upcoming software updates and server life cycles, the rise of new channels for example Whatsapp and how best to capture those volumes for Forecasting purposes.
  • The poor planner does not seek out ways to automate many of his dreaded, tedious, time consuming daily tasks, therefore he misses the pleasure of the company of his colleagues to gossip with at coffee break.




Originally published at blog.injixo.com.