Defined Product Features for FundersToken System

FundersToken System (Abbr. FsTK System) is a service-based product that support corporate digitalise business and operate CRM (customer relationship management) through Blockchain Technology. This system is entirely flexible for corporate users to DIY setup. Furthermore, APIs can also allow users to create dynamics of usage, including initial token offerings and issuance.

The system is composited of Funder Smart-Token (FST), Corporate Token System (CTS, also known as ITO Tool), Smart Voucher (SV, also known as Voucher), and Corporate Smart-Token (ST, also known as Token). The four critical components work in different aspects and developed separately for better object orientation. Each of them is independently operating but connected. The interaction creates the ecosystem which is shown as the chart as below (DIY-ITO Ecosystem).

An Admin system exists in the middle to connect the four critical subsystems, and with monetisation mechanism across. ‘Admin Request’ represents the mechanism to be accomplished within the feature.

The Minimum Viable Product of FsTK System focuses on the development of our CT-system.
D-App is planned to be delivered at next level, and PEM would go concurrently.
The Crypto-Coin ‘FundersToken’ (or ‘FsTK’) will be designed when User community is grown.

Our goal is simple, to allow everyone to issue tokens with the right concept and trustworthy standard.

And with that goal in mind, we’re working our asses off to make this goal a reality.

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