Check your pulse

50 people shot and killed at a nightclub in Orlando. They couldn’t prepare for what was about to happen last night. They had no choice in the outcome. They were planning for a night of fun.

Scared shitless? You should be.

Those 50 now deceased individuals (and many more that were injured) probably did what we all do before going out. Took a nice long shower, spent more time than necessary to look at themselves in the mirror, tried on various outfits, maybe drank a little and then ventured off to a venue to meet new people and/or hang out with existing friends. They didn’t have a checklist of people to say their final goodbyes to. They didn’t remember to tell all those they cared about how much they love them. They had no ability to make sure they accomplished all their goals before leaving this world.

One man, machine gun, 50 dead.

It’s not fucking fair.

So what do you do? Spend each day as though it’s your last? That seems a bit reckless. Some risks aren’t worth the reward and it could quickly put you in financial jeopardy.

There’s really not much you can do to shield yourself from reckless behavior and senseless violence. That’s the really scary thing. In a world where technology rules and machine guns blare, you have no choice in the matter. Understanding that is supposed to make things easier, but it doesn’t.

You need to care.

Whether you are a bigot or not, you must care. The 50 deaths was a result of targeting a specific class of people: homosexuals. But it could be a different class next time.

Think you’re safe? You shouldn’t.

It takes just one man and a machine gun.

As a society, we need to become better. We need to stop blaming sects for our problems. It touches too close to home. The Holocaust is not so far away that it should be forgotten. It should never be forgotten. These senseless acts won’t stop, but we as a society can do better to make sure we state that it is unacceptable. Race, sex, religion, it doesn’t matter.

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