I’m Taking The Goldfish
Alicia Malone

I’m with you, and I can understand the frustration. I limit myself with social media, however, because I don’t see the need for half of it, and I figure if I’m social with folks on Facebook, twitter, Stage 32 or they belong to one or more of my writing groups, there’s really no need to see the latest instragram from them or me. Especially if it’s me drinking coffee. Not that I’m a slob and not that you aren’t sharing a cup of coffee with me, it’s just that it’s just me drinking a cup of coffee.

There are times when places like Facebook can be a little over rated. How so? You reconnect with friends, family and the like and while it’s great to hear from them time to time, thy’d much rather invite you to play a FB app game. I only limit myself to one game, one that doesn’t drain the bank account. Then you get the friends who, yeah, you get the suggestive dirty joke and like it, but your mom, who is also in your friends list, might see it too because you liked the suggestive dirty joke (or worse, POLITICS) will give you an earful the next time she sees you.

Speaking of moms, one of my friends, I’m friends with her mom. She friended me on FB a few years ago, took me by surprise. It was a nice one. I always liked her daughter. I don’t know the exact reason why, but I have my guesses. I hope one of them is right, He daughter is still my FB friend and everything should be dandy, right? Well…

Her daughter has no time for me on Facebook. Not even in instant messages. I chat with her mom more than I do her. It’s the thought that counts, I’spose.

Okay, enough depression. I’m not even sure why I shared that tale of woe. Oh yeah — social media, where you share all kinds of life’s wonders, sometimes vague, sometimes…a little more information than you need to know…

Enough out of me.


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