The Wake-Up Call

If you had asked me back in January whilst sitting on the roof of a 4 Star Hotel drinking a cold pint of Cisk Lager in Malta what I would be doing in August, never in a million years would I have thought the answer would be:

“Oh, I’ll be working as a temp in a food production factory in Yorkshire making sandwich fillings.”

I’ve spent my whole life pretty much choosing my career path, doing things that I love doing, never for the money, always because it’s given me some kind of buzz or sense of reward. From joining the Coldstream Guards to a career spanning almost 25 years across the recruitment industry and living and working in literally dozens of countries from Hong Kong through the Middle East and Asia to Malta, I’ve always been in control. …

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

After registering with 80 job boards that all have a different password format to ensure that you will never be able to log-in again, you have applied for 3,000 jobs and finally got a positive response.

You are moved almost to tears at the sheer ecstasy of securing an interview until you are told that it will be a video interview using Zoom or Skype or similar.

Panic sets in. Sweat runs down your brow, you are not very photogenic (neither am I); you are the kind of person who gets nervous watching other people have photos taken. Like me, your nose looks big on video as well. …

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We get it, most of us have been there through the hard work, the late nights pouring over cashflow projections and sharpening that business plan. The angst of identifying potential investors, securing the finance and actually getting the business on its feet.

You’ve got a great idea, identified a niche in the market or are just going to replicate an existing business model but do it better — Sir Richard Branson’s favourite approach.

Then you need the team, a great team, not just any old team. Where do you begin? You could hire some of your friends or family, but is that really the recipe for success?

You could just go out and do the hiring yourself of course, and if you are a professional recruiter, why not?

Well, the first reason not to do the hiring yourself is that the investors have probably bought into your real talents.

Whether you’re a product innovator, a genuinely experienced entrepreneur or someone with exceptional brand marketing experience, that’s where the investors expect your focus to be — not spending hours writing job descriptions, developing an employer brand, crafting job adverts and searching for an audience… before even getting around to interviewing loads of candidates. Candidates whom you know, immediately upon meeting them, aren’t the right fit. …

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A Futuristic Azure Window

Malta is like Marmite? How often do we hear that expression, even the Maltese, as proud as they are can be heard saying this phrase? There is no doubt that there is an element of truth to the phrase. But surely the same could be said of pretty much any town, city or country on earth. I’m a huge fan of Uganda, but I’m pretty certain that I’m in a minority in that particular place.

I have a penchant for unusual places that are in many ways rather demanding places to live for various reasons, I include East Timor (Timor Leste) in that statement, a place that I sincerely believe has all the potential eventually to be an utterly exquisite outdoor, water and extreme sports mecca when it finally pulls itself together after decades of civil war and upheaval. …

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As the world gradually climbs out of what for many has been an abyss of despair and uncertainty in the form of the Covid-19 crisis, many people are starting to think about a well-earned vacation.

The holiday industry let many people down, leaving them stranded, without hotels and often with no access to support. So, there has never been a better time to become more discerning about how you plan and book your future holidays.

Open your mind to vacation ownership

It’s been around in one form or another since the 70’s and like most travel or vacation concepts the road hasn’t always been plain sailing. Timeshare, Vacation Ownership, Holiday Ownership and a whole multitude of other names has taken its time as a product to come of age and for a plethora of reasons the road has often been rocky. …

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This week saw the whole of the U.K. (including Scotland) rally round and unite together to emotionally and financially support the heroic endeavour of Captain Tom Moore. The 99-year-old former soldier and motorcycle racer completed his 100 laps of the garden marathon to raise funds for NHS Charity, Together.

He won the nation’s hearts in the process and quite rightly should be knighted for his extraordinary achievement. However, Captain Moore’s sudden elevation to celebrity status and the nation’s sweetheart hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Undisclosed sources have exclusively revealed to EiM (Expats in Malta), that an even more gruelling fund-raiser is being arranged. Two of the nations most loved and adored attention-seeking celebrities have an even more audacious fundraiser up their sleeves. …

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Are we seeing the beginning of a rise in despicable crime that by its nature surprises us here in Malta? Have other countries seen any rise in similar types of crime? Is Malta on the cusp of a crime wave and if so what is driving it?

Like most people in Malta at this present time, I wake each day and undertake a quick review of the local media. I do this in a bid, often futile, to garner the latest updates and advice on how the Island is dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. …

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Crazy isn’t it. In the U.K, everyone from Government Ministers to reality TV celebrities (whatever one of those is) and footballers with an average I.Q of -80 are stamping their feet, making videos on TikTok, recording crappy rehashed 80’s songs screaming at people to obey the rules, stay at home and protect the NHS. The noise level is reaching a cacophony, it’s beginning to sound like someones found a previously undiscovered album by The Sex Pistols it’s that harsh, brash and loud.

Yet, in the midst of all this bullshit with drones stalking dog walkers, lonesome strangers on high peaks and windswept moorlands being yelled at by police officers in helicopters the U.K is warmly welcoming thousands of travellers back home. Thousands of travellers from Peru, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia to name a few are arriving back to the U.K and into the public domain with little if any actual health checks and no mandatory restrictions such as quarantine being applied. …

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Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

Stop encouraging and rewarding failure with prehistoric bonus schemes.

Have you ever sat there and seriously considered how the recruitment industry is fundamentally flawed? It’s one of the few service industries in the world that actually thrives on failure. Instead of taking an approach that focused on ensuring that every hire we enabled our clients to make was a resounding success and always achieved a demonstrable ROI, we rely on our clients having to essentially constantly replace bums on seats.

We have an industry where we thrive on high staff turnover because it means can refill a job and fire off another placement fee, providing that the failed candidate is out of the rebate period. …

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Do you really?

AI and Automation could free the world, solve inequality and poverty. If we really wanted it to. But are we brave enough to control our destiny and embrace the opportunity?

Humour me for a few moments. Grab a glass of crisp chardonnay or a fair trade coffee. Find somewhere comfortable to sit. Ideally with a view that inspires you. Allow yourself to drift off into thought and begin to imagine a world where everyone does a job they truly love. A job that fulfills their emotional, creative and psychological needs.

Just ponder for a moment how it would feel; how the world around us would feel if every single person did a job that transcended the need to make a living, put food on the table and pay the mortgage. Imagine if you, all your family and friends had jobs that inspired and excited you? …


Darren Ledger

Inspirational & Informative Freelance Writer at Hardcore Content Solutions. Olympian Gold Medallist for wearing multiple hats and my heart on my sleeve.

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