Twitter is the Town Hall of the World

Darren Lee
Feb 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Preface: A lot of people especially investors are thinking a lot about Twitter, especially people who are trading their stock. In the short term, there are good reasons to be worry about, but in the bigger picture, Twitter is here to stay.

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Five reasons Twitter will win in the long-term:

  1. Focus matters, Twitter is committed to be a place of interests, not friends e.g. Facebook
  2. Twitter is the home app for discovering bite size news and updates from brands and personalities, being a first page home app is huge!
  3. Love it or hate it, Twitter handles and references are used everywhere. Brands and celebrities constantly use it because it’s easy and yes it’s powerful.
  4. World stage is Twitter dominance. Politicians will use it more and more because of it’s a free and open channel to reach its audience. The old ways of using the media is slowly going away.
  5. Twitter will make big money in a big way. The more people rely on it as a staple despite its current shortcomings, but it will eventually cash in. Think Amazon back in the days when investors grew impatient with its no profits quarters, then suddenly they start to cash in from their growth.

About the author:

Darren is the founder of Zen Pump, a motivational mobile app aims to inspire you.

Zen Pump aims to motivate you with a life coach, the calls are requested from the app. It has a daily journal so it will surprise you with coach calls to pump you up when it detects that you have a tough day. By the way, we are featured on Product Hunt recently.

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