Updated 15th December 2019

You will get 100% of the receipt earnings of your referees in their first five days. For example, if you refer Lily and Lily submits about 15 receipts = SGD$1.50 in her first five days. Lily gets $1.50 and you will also get $1.50.

How do I refer my friends?
Open your messenger chat -> Hamburger menu (the one with 3 lines) -> Click on referral -> Copy your referral link!

[Thanks to the support of our community, we are at full house capacity at the moment and not accepting new sign-ups with effect from 1st December 2019. Interested users will be put on the waitlist until further notice. …

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Starting 11 November 2019, our terms and conditions will be updated as follows:

Full Terms and Conditions

  1. The receipt must be from your own purchases.
  2. The merchant name, date of purchase, receipt number, and item details must be clearly visible and in the English language.
  3. All four corners of the receipt must be clearly displayed, showing a complete entry of the bill.
  4. The receipt must be submitted on the day itself or by the next day before 2359hrs.
  5. Only 1 receipt captured as a single snapshot will be accepted. …

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What changes to expect from 1 October 2019?

  • Payout will be processed every Sunday after meeting the minimum threshold of SGD$5.00. This will be different from the existing system of payout after every round.
  • The new referral bonus will be based on 100% of your referee’s submissions in their first 5 days.

Full Terms and Conditions

In this part, we will discuss more on why contents are important to keep your audience engaged. The content that you put up on your website is the most critical thing that you need to think of. In the same way that a store will do well only if they sell things that people need, you will get people visiting your website only if you give something that people are looking for. Of course it also means that you are entering a crowded market because genuinely unique niches are hard to come by. …

The World Wide Web has truly pervaded all aspects of human existence. Everything and everyone is going online now, and the move towards a totally connected world is not “if” anymore, it’s “when”.

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Statistics show that up to 85% of the people who spend time online also purchase online. If you take the North American continent alone where more than 75% of the population have a broadband Internet connection at home, even if a fraction of these people buy online, it is still a huge market.

Online purchasing is also seeing tremendous growth and many companies are projecting a doubling of volume in just three years. If you take PayPal as a case in point, they have gone from $2 billion in payment volumes in 2002 to $16 billion in 2009 with revenues crossing $2.4 …

Every industry in the world has its own terminology. They have terms unique to the industry which might have other meanings outside the industry but have a meaning of their own within the industry’s context. For someone looking from the outside, looking at the industry specific terms might be confusing and it can become a challenge for them to properly enter the industry.

The world of cryptocurrencies is no exception when it comes to a lot of terms that have their unique definitions for the industry. …

When it comes to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that the prices can change drastically within a matter of hours. The price fluctuation in cryptocurrencies is quite rampant and it leaves everybody confused as to why it happens so much. The changes in the price of cryptocurrencies is driven by a number of factors.

Now, the volatility of the trading assets in traditional market is measured using the Volatility Index aka the CBOE Volatility Index. The volatility of cryptocurrencies does not have a specific term yet since the cryptocurrency is still in its early stages but what we do know is that Bitcoin has 10 times the potential volatility than the traditional asset classes within a small amount of time. …

Cryptocurrency trading is all the rage right now since this new digital asset class is changing things up in the world and presenting a whole new set of opportunities. That being said, cryptocurrencies are also notoriously volatile and they have a reputation for being unpredictable. Making mistakes while trading cryptocurrencies can result in you losing a significant amount of your cryptocurrency assets. In order to be able to trade properly, you need to have a focused approach to it. Cryptocurrency trading is not the simplest thing in the world and it might not be for everybody.

Here are the top tips that you need to know before getting into cryptocurrency trading. This way, you can be sure of a better result and a more calculated approach towards cryptocurrency trading. Remember that you absolutely must not get hooked on the cryptocurrency trading game without understanding how to optimize your trades. …

Because of its completely digital nature, the world of cryptocurrencies can seem like a completely bizarre domain to a lot of people. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you are never going to go to that ATM down the street and withdraw a couple of Bitcoin units that you can keep in your back pocket. For all cryptocurrency novices out there, you need to know that Bitcoin does not exist in the physical realm. It’s all binary code.

While you might find it hard to understand the relevance of the zeros and ones that exist in the digital world, these binary codes hold a lot of value in the real world. Fortunes can and have been made and lost in the world of Bitcoins ever since it started to go mainstream throughout the world. …

Like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and mining, Ethereum is a term that you might have heard a lot in the past year or so. Many people know what Bitcoin is, the world’s first cryptocurrency which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It has become quite popular all over the world now. The oldest and the most valued cryptocurrency, there is an ample amount of knowledge that people have about Bitcoin. So what is Ethereum? …


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