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It’s not chess or poker — writing is life

Writing isn’t a game, unlike the game of chess being played here.
Writing isn’t a game, unlike the game of chess being played here.
Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

One day I’ll play chess in Washington Square Park. It sounds cool and would be a less dramatic item to tick off my exciting bucket list. It would be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon I tell myself. I can see the splintered, weather-worn picnic bench where my opponent sits poised, focused, and ready to do battle. His goal is to win the five-dollar bill sat securely in my back pocket.

Chess is a perfect game, one where if you move the pieces in the correct direction at the correct time, you can win. …

A good process is better than a bad one

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Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

A good decision-making process matters. So much so because a bad decision-making process — as in not having one — is even worse. The downsides open a window to a sky filled with darkness. The error-strewn landscape shows the full impact of allowing our impulsive urges and our misplaced intuition to shape our decisions.

Our primal urge to act quickly in every situation is one which must overcome. …

Direction matters over speed

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Photo by Aaron Andrew Ang on Unsplash

Quick decision making is rarely a clever idea unless you’ve received training on how to make quick decisions, then you’ll be okay. Armed with pressure-driven crisis management tools, you’re poised to assess the situation quickly and respond accordingly.

Most of us don’t have the benefit of a teacher to explain the fundamentals of decision-making, let alone quick decision-making. A good school will teach you everything to do with spelling, reading, and experimenting through the wonders of English, Maths, and science, but nothing on how to make decisions.

And that’s bad.

It’s a little sad too because decision making is the most important skill you can have. You should be aware quick decisions normally have a bad outcome unless lady luck is lingering. A quick decision often ignores the situation, instead relying on your intuition to guide you towards your preferred outcome. …

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