Bye, bye Adobe.
rami james

To each their own I suppose. I loved Macromedia’s suite. Adobe bought them and made it so I couldn’t afford them. I moved in with and lived with Linux products because largely my life was in *nix servers. My design process took longer with GIMP, Inkscape, etc, but I was able to work natively. I laid down money to get a Mac which gave me the best of both worlds and now have the full CC to keep me agile and productive. I use all the tools (not Flash, ew) and am happy to be back amongst the living. With Sketch, Invision, UXPin, and the other online tools, things can get better without Adobe than before. But I work my tools and All of these tools just are not a substitute for me. InDesign replacement? Photoshop? Illustrator? AfterEffects? Premiere? They all have alternatives, but they don’t play as well together as the full CC does. And for a third the price per year? Sweet. At least I’m not paying $2k every year.

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