Henbury Loop pushed into long grass because of a failure in political representation

Labour’s Darren Jones with Shadow Transport Secretary Michael Dugher in Lockleaze.

Following the news that the proposed Henbury Loop line and a new station for Lockleaze has been excluded from the preliminary business case for Phase Two of MetroWest, Labour’s Darren Jones, who ran as the prospective MP for Bristol North West at the recent General Election, said:

“Let’s be clear. The reason the Henbury Loop line has been dropped, and a station in Lockleaze scrapped, is because the Government isn’t funding it. I made it quite clear during the General Election campaign that we needed to be lobbying the Department for Transport and the Treasury for money to make this happen instead of just shouting at everyone locally here in Bristol.”

“This is why I brought Michael Dugher — Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary — to Lockleaze only a few months ago to set out the economic case for the Henbury Loop and a Lockleaze station and why Government needed to fund it.”

“The Henbury Loop has been pushed into the long grass because of a failure in political representation in Westminster. We can’t blame local decision makers if they don’t have the money from Government to go further. Local people in Bristol North West have been failed by their Tory MP because she used this entire project as an electioneering bandwagon and refused to criticise her own Government.”

“I do however welcome the current investment in inner city rail in Bristol but it’s blindingly obvious that we need to go further if we’re to reach our full economic potential”