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I always love it when people pull out the “22 million more people have health insurance” figure when discussing Obamacare because it means I can immediately discount everything else they say that’s healthcare related. It’s completely missing the point.

The law forced people to buy insurance. Of course more people have insurance policies.

How many people are happy with them? How much are the newly insured paying? Are people achieving better health outcomes (see the Oregon Medicaid study)?

There’s plenty of liberal journalists who actually leave their little echo chambers and talk to people who don’t live in California and New York and actually try to answer these questions (Chris Arnada, Salena Zito).

I guess you guys would rather just play high-and-mighty know-it-alls we’re-better-than-the-other-side on your podcast without confronting the actual problems with Obamacare. So be it.

I don’t know the answer either…but at least I don’t pretend I do.

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