Thanks for letting us know that you don’t have the answer!
Sam (no YOU’RE the straw man!)

There’s a nugget of your response that is seeking genuine debate instead of insulting places like “fucking Nebraska”, so I’ll respond in kind to that nugget.

First off, I live in Denver, which has one of the highest hispanic/latino populations of any city in the US. I’d say it’s fairly diverse.

You make a few assumptions that you don’t support. 
First, that all the new insured are people who actually utilize health insurance. I’m sure some people who had preexisting conditions have been insured and are using coverage, but how many? Certainly not 22 million. Yet that’s the number that’s bandied around. Charitably, I could assume that people who do so are idiots who just don’t understand how the ACA works. Uncharitably, I could assume they do understand, but know that many people who read that number will assume it’s people who all have preexisting conditions and otherwise would die without the ACA, thus making their pro-ACA arguments more persuasive. I don’t know what camp you are in, feel free to enlighten me.

Read this thread. Or anything Chris Arnade has written about Trump and his voters. Might broader your horizons a bit:

You also assert that I equate “people not liking their healthcare plan with a world in which American healthcare is more expensive and of worse quality”

Has their been research that shows the ACA causing better health outcomes? Or lowering healthcare expenses? I’ve heard some stuff about it flattening the long-term cost curve, but I wasn’t aware of studies on better outcomes.

And yes, I don’t know the answer. The problems of healthcare are thorny problems, problems that demand reasonable dialogue and debate to find answers. Instead we get Jon Lovett whining about how dumb the other side is and how if they could just be as wise and as all-knowing as he is all the answers would be obvious.

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