Higher Order Components, Higher Order Functions, Functional Programming, Composition are fancy terms for very simple yet extremely useful concepts. Instead of keeping on adding functionality inside a function or component, adding bloat, this functionality is split into atomic and generic wrappers that can be mixed (mixins anyone?) together, or rather, applied on top one another. Higher Order Functions/Components are practically useless on their own, but define behaviour or properties when used.

Higher Order Functions/Components (HOFC) are reusable wrappers, usually very simple and with concise implementation such as for example a simple memoizing function:

var memoize = fn => { var…

This may not be the first time you heard the terms Babel and ES6, or transpilation. You may know what these terms refer to and you may already use these technologies at your workplace or have used them some way or another. We’ll dive a bit deep into these terms and try to open and see what’s inside these black boxes and explain the magic behind Babel.

Let’s start with transpilation. Transpilation is a very important and widely used concept, especially in more recent times. You may have heard of compilers, which are programs that take source-code as input and…

Darren Scerri

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