It’s Funny How Persepctives Change

For about nearly my entire life, I’ve always believed that pure love for a person comes from feeling. And that in order to test this theory, you’d have to find others out there for you to compare among the candidates who is that exceptional one for you. But just a few months ago, that has all changed. Let me tell you why.

Every once in a while in our lives, we journey blindfolded.

We wouldnt want to admit it, but we do. Growing up, we were accustomed to birthday traditions known as the “pinyata.” Its this huge object filled with prizes and rewards that you’d have to hit in order to break loose the goods. Except in one condition, youre blindfolded. Somehow in life we aimlessly try to hit our targets blindfolded & encounter misses before actually succeeding. But being blind doesnt mean we’ve lost our sight to see. Being blind means we’ve allowed our eyes to see what we dont see. Dont confuse this defintion with darkness. The darkness isnt empty. Its simply an altered perspective of our reality. We’ve adapted our eyes to focusing on what we believe we can see and neglect about half of what’s out there for us. Imagine youre taking a stroll around the mall and happen to see a brand new store. For some people, our persepctive shows us price tags, sales, markups, markdowns; anything business related. But another persepctive could be design, color, material, style, fit; artistic related. And this happens for one reason.

Our perspectives align with our interests & our experiences.

And my perspective just so happened to be focused on what was out there more instead of what was just around me to begin with. Apparently the notion, “meeting and experiencing different relationships to set a criteria” for yourself happened to be an ultimatum for me. Maybe if i had compared enough, then I’d know who to choose. You know what they say? “Collect and select?” Seems to me like a losing battle.We’re suppose to live our lives off experiences. Not checklists or criteria or even timing. Life isnt a a series of well planned criteria for us to check off our notebooks. Its a journey we tread. Its not something we can control entirely. Because here’s something we should understand:

There’s a difference when we try to survive life and when we simply live life.

Trying to survive all the time just makes you lose more knocks on your door than you will ever have. You’ll have more regret than rejection. You’ll bathe your mind in questions unanswered and feelings left unchecked. You’ll have words unspoken. Yes, you will definitely survive because you’ll adapt soon enough. But you wont enjoy it. You’ll lose intricate and delicate moments in your life. And you’ll suffer. Yes youre alive but think again, will you be happy and contented with just survival?

So if we jump back to the first paragraph of this article, where does pure love come from? Definitely i cant give you an answer to that. Nobody can. Only YOU can. But to me, it would have to be a process for me to take. Its not an instant blip on your radar that maximizes your screen. Its a gradual series of steps. Because its so much become more of a life choice than simply a choice based on emotion. We see it by living our experiences. By understanding our perspectives and accepting & respecting our opinions. And youre going to have to walk through whatever sign you may come across in your road. So take it in. Take everything you see in. Keep a broad glance at everything you encounter and challenge your opinion. Challenge your insight. Perspective is important when we want to make decisions or analyze situations but it doesnt define you. Its the curve in the road where you decide, am i going through this with my eyes wide open? Or will i go through this with half an eye? So ask yourself:

How much have you really been seeing?