Why You’re Every Bit of Important as this Journey

Bully, before you jump to conclusions, assumptions, or theories, allow 5-10 minutes of your time to simply read and feel through this. Dont worry, its nothing pressurinf or anything that will substantitally make you run, i promise. Before anything, I understand how incredibly important this journey for you will be. And perhaps, you’ve somehow planned this at the back of your head to escape the confines of this world you live in as of this point. So, i promise you, I wont jeopardize anything as to what I say in this letter. You can count on my three bowling fingers to tell you so HAHAHA!!

And here’s where I start:

Bully, this life has always been yours. Yours to forever choose, embark, and decide on. All roads, paths, signs, and directions are built by you. Every rose in your garden, every leaf on your forest, every grain of sand on your beach, and every fragment of your world, is crafted by you. The architect and master.

I know this journey is a long and fruitful one despite just the 5 days of your stay in Palawan, but do not worry abiut the days, hours, and minutes you spend for each moment of yourself. Dive into your pool of thoughts yet, do not allow yourself to be a victim to any of it.

You’re strong-willed with a heart that tethers the softest emotions and warmest souls. Don't mistake this as your weakness, as it is your greatest strength Bully.

And i know, the world and the neverending moments of life have trashed you and thrown too much dirt on your face that you’ve finally told yourself, you don’t deserve any of it. And you’re right. You truly dont deserve any kind of treatment wrought on you like that. So set standards for yourself. Standards you know you can live by because they feel right by you and you alone.

Bully, in every bit of sense, every accomplishment, feat, and achievement you set out for yourself in this life, is yours to claim. To show to people what kind of person you are and for them to see the best of your abilities and the best of you is proof of how much in your journey you’ve traversed through and it’s given birth to the amazing person that you are today.

Everyday will feel like a new day to you. And when i say “a new day,” i mean as if you had just been born and you step out into the world with all your hopes, dreams, and futures waiting for you to take and lay claim to it.

Live. Breathe. That’s what you’re born to do.

This journey is not about how you start Bully. And its definitely not about how you finish. Its the pages of your story, the ones you write along your way that matter most. Beginning and Endings will always be the starters and conclusions to our stories. But the beauty in a story is what we went through after we started and before we finished.

And I can tell you right now as well, you are damn right valuable and precious to the world. Know why? Because your memories, your stories, your experiences and moments, they’re infinite. Infinitely bound to the world and to life because its the part of you that’s immortal. The part of you that lives through eternity and its what makes you so extraordinary Bully that life becomes full of that abundance.

I would rather not make this message too long since i know your attention span might be limited as of this point let alone the time and the processing it will take. But i just want you to know Bully that

You dont need to beat yourself because of all the things you mightve done in the past.

And it might just be one of those fears that ligers on in you but this is every bit a part of the life you live and have the ability to choose from.

Life is about getting up. Its about prancing, sitting, crying, leaping, creating, building, remembering. Its about the experiments. The risks. The chances. Its about the memories that inject rollercoaster motions of emotions. Its about the spins, twists, and turns. Its about doing something and yet also, doing nothing. Try. Take. Go. Push. Pull.

It’s a gift that you exist, Bully oh Bully. Never forget that.

Now take this journey with you and always remember: You build the roads, you choose the path, you know the directions and signs, you create. So be the extraordinary person that you are, and dont fret when this journey tries to make it difficult for you. I believe in every bit of spirit that resides in you. You’re extraordinary. Never forget it.

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