How To Not Get Bored With Life?

What are you used to in your daily life? Being human affords us the unique opportunity to revel in new experiences on an almost continuous basis, which is one of our greatest blessings.

Although we have a natural inclination to become accustomed to certain situations, this is one of the most significant drawbacks of human existence. Despite the fact that we are readily pleased, we also forget about our happiness nearly as fast as we are glad.

The ability to adapt is inherent in human nature, and it is especially useful when confronted with difficult conditions such as camping in the wilderness and needing to utilize a hole in the ground to relieve oneself. After a while, we become used to the fact that we’re in a strange place. This is due to the fact that while you’re using the bathroom in the woods, you’re extremely nervous and acutely aware of every sound and movement; you’re paying close attention to almost everything.

You will, however, feel calmer after a few weeks of doing so, not because the discomfort has diminished, but because your mind is now occupied with thoughts other than those related to your company operations.

When you become accustomed to something, you just stop noticing it. Try to imagine yourself eating a favorite dish and having no idea what you were eating since you were distracted by your phone the entire time. You are still swallowing the meal, but because your attention was diverted elsewhere, you are not experiencing any taste sensations from it.

We can easily understand how our relationships may go from being fantastic to being lukewarm when we put this into the perspective of the people we care about the most. Our attention is drawn to the individual when we see them just once in a while. As long as we see them frequently, they can talk to us and we can hear them, but nothing they say truly registers because our attention is diverted by the job we haven’t done, the plans we have for tomorrow, and several other considerations….

We normally say things like “Man, I could get accustomed to this.” when we mean something nice, and things like “I’ll never get used to this” when we mean something negative when we mean something positive. Getting used to things, on the other hand, makes it difficult for us to remain content. It constantly comes to mind when we find ourselves unable to get acclimated to anything. As a result, we never lose sight of it, and we remain conscious of it at all times

When we are not distracted by other ideas, we are able to delve into the feeling of our experiences, and not taking people and things for granted is critical to living a fulfilling life. Always remember to be aware and joyful.




I’m an Everlasting Optimist, a Joy-giver, and a Happiness Seeker! Life is supposed to BE HAPPY!

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Darren Tan

Darren Tan

I’m an Everlasting Optimist, a Joy-giver, and a Happiness Seeker! Life is supposed to BE HAPPY!

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