Do, as if it’s the last thing you will ever do

The best way to do things and do well, especially for projects or work of art, is to tell yourself that it’s the last thing you will ever do. For example, if you are an app developer, then the app you are currently working on, perceive it as your last app. Same for other projects as well. Your last book. Your last piece of writing. Your last novel. Your last lyrics or song.

It could very well be true. Life’s short and sometimes unpredictable. When you do something it could very well be your last piece of work.

The question is: can you be sure that nothing will happen to you in this unpredictable world?

You want to do it well this time because it’s the last piece of you, your last effort and it might just leave something special if it’s the last thing created by you.

So just remember this:

Do it well, the last thing from you.

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